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TBS 3101 2 Crystal Phoenix/Smartmouse Card Reader COM

TBS 3101 2 Crystal Phoenix/Smartmouse Card Reader COM
Полное описание

The TBS3101 smartcard reader supports both Phoenix and Smartmouse mode and it uses COM port for data communication. The power can be supplied from either USB connection or external DC 5V power adapter. The computer will look this card reader as COM interface device and no driver installation is necessary. TBS3101 supports two crystal frequencies and can read most ISO7816 smartcard. It’s compatible with both Windows and Linux.

Cable connection: USB for power supply and RS232 for data communication
Prog. Mode: Phoenix and Smartmouse
Power Mode: DC 5V
Model A: 3.579MHz / 6MHz shiftable
Model B: 3.686MHz / 6MHz shiftable
(Or any other frequency requirements you may contact us)
Led light indicating data communication
Size: 60x60x15mm (Length x Width x Height)

Package Content:
1 x TBS3101 Phoenix/Smartmouse Card Reader
1 x USB Cable
1 x RS232 Cable

Note: No Software CD provided since no driver installation is necessary.

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