TBS 6205SE DVB-T2/C2/T/C(J.83A/B/C)/ISDB-T/C /ATSC1.0 Quad TV Tuner Card

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Тип тюнеровDVB-T2/T/C2/C/(J.83A/B/C)/ISDB-T/C /ATSC1.0. Количество тюнеров4 Тип шиныPCI-E

TBS 6205se is a DVB-T2/C2/T/C(J.83A/B/C)/ISDB-T/C /ATSC1.0. TV Quad tuner card with PCI-Express interface, it can be used for watching 4 different channels from 4 different frequencies simultaneously, and it supports both DVB-T2 and DVB-C2 standard at the same time.

TBS 6205se DVB-T2/C2/T/C(J.83A/B/C)/ISDB-T/C /ATSC1.0. TV Quad tuner card works also as a digital video recorder for recording digital terrestrial TV programs with full HDTV support. TBS6205se is considered as a professional TV tuner for industrial-level users. When the PCIe slots in the server is limited, TBS6205se enables you to receive more channels than the usual dual TV tuner. Thus, it is highly recommended for IPTV streaming and broadcasting system.

Тип тюнеров
DVB-T2/T/C2/C/(J.83A/B/C)/ISDB-T/C /ATSC1.0.
Количество тюнеров
Тип шины
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