TBS 6900 DVB Dual CI PCI-E Card

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Наличие Common InterfaceДа Тип шиныPCI-E

TBS6900 is a DVB network PCI-E card with two common interface slots, where you can insert 2 CAM inside to decrypt the pay channels. With a PCI-e slot, it can be used with any PC or server(based on linux)with PCI-e slots, receive signals from IP (udp/rtp/http), after decryption and remux, will output FTA channels to IP (udp/rtp/http). TBS6900 is fully compatible with TBS tuner cards and servers, which means you can use it with our tuner cards with all DVB standard or streaming server together , it can be used for DVB-IP gateways, satellite Internet systems, home theaters and other solutions. Based on our software TBSREMUX, which can receive MPEG TS streams from multicast (udp/rtp) or http and combine them into one multiple program stream. That is suitable for outputing as /dev/dvb/adapterx/secy (x=0-16, y=0, 1), then use DVB tools like DVBLAST, TVHEADEND,ASTRA to scan the transponder, then output to network via udp/ rtp/http protocol.

Наличие Common Interface
Тип шины
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