TBS 6903 Professional DVB-S2 Dual Tuner PCIe Card

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Тип тюнеровDVB-S/S2 Количество тюнеров2 Тип шиныPCI-E

TBS6903 is a Professional level digital satellite TV Tuner card with PCI Express interface. TBS6903 supports not only normal DVB-S2/DVB-S QPSK, 8PSK which is supported by normal satellite receivers, but also CCM, ACM, VCM, 16APSK, 32APSK, Multiple Transport Stream, Multiple Generic Stream, Combined Single Generic &Single TS , which most satellite receiving devices can't support. With use of dedicated TBS tools, those special streams can be captured. The two advanced DVB-S2/S tuners enable you to watch TV channel from one satellite transponder, while recording channels from different satellite transponders from another tuner at the same time. Specifications: • Frequency range: 950~2150 MHz • Dual channels DVB-S2/S 8PSK QPSK 16APSK 32APSK ACM/VCM • Demodulator • Symbol rate: Maximum symbol DVB-S2 rate limitations (Msymb/s)  DVB-S QPSK + 1 4 4.5/6.7/ 8  Support Data Burst & Tone Burst  Support DiSEqC2.X and Motor System Requirements: • Windows XP / Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10, Linux • Available PCI Express x1, x4,

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