TBS 2600 HD-SDI Video Encoder - Professional HD-SDI video coding box for IPTV Live Stream Broadcast

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TBS2600 HD SDI encoder is a professional high-definition video coding box, which is equipped with 1 SDI channel input and dual stream RJ45 output. TBS2600 supports MPEG- 4 AVC/H.264 High Profile code format input and dual stream H.264 format, audio ACC format output. TBS2600 HD SDI encoder can be widely used to bellow applications: 1.IPTV; 2.Digital Signage; 3.Video Conference; 4 HD Video Capture Card; 5.Hotel TV system; 6.pve Broadcast; 7.Teaching/Campus Broadcast; 8 System; 9.NVR(Net Video Recorder);

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