IR remote control TVIP

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The remote control is suitable for the entire line of TVIP media centers with at least 3.x firmware and allows you to control the TV (volume, power, switch the signal source) The command type of the original TV remote control must be NEC (as a rule, most modern TVs, including SAMSUNG, LG, SONY, TOSHIBA, etc.) Before starting operation, the remote control must be trained using the "native" remote control. The TVIP programmable remote control can be used in conjunction with TVIP S300, S310 and S400 set-top boxes. To program the buttons located in the "TV CONTROL" section, do the following: 1. Take the original remote (for example, from your TV) in one hand and the TVIP remote in the other. 2. Press and hold the “SET” button on the TVIP remote control for two seconds until the red LED below the power button starts to glow brighter. This means that the remote control is ready for learning. 3. Press and hold the button on the TVIP remote you want to learn. The red LED on the TVIP remote starts flashing. 4. Place the infrared indicators of the two remotes opposite each other at a distance of about 5 - 10 cm. Press and hold for two seconds the button on the original remote that you want to teach the TVIP remote. 5. The red LED on the TVIP remote will flash three times and then stay on. Then you can continue learning another button. 6. Repeat the learning process for all the buttons you need. 7. Press the “SET” button on the TVIP remote control to save and exit the learning mode, the red LED should turn off.

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