Multiswitch active cascaded EMC9924S (input: 8+ 1, output: 24)

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EMC9924S Features: 1. Professional multiswitch with high sensitivity 2. 8Satellite IF inputs and 1 terrestrial TV inpupt, 24 user out 3. User control: 13/18V,0/22kHz and DiSEqC 1.0(2.0) commands 4. Trunk compensation amplifier circuit, in Cascade 0 ~ 15 dB gain adjustable output , ensure the cascade output signal no attenuation 5. supports cable lengths up to 200 meters , suitable for Decentralized apartment project 6. power adapter is professional with strong power and low ripple interference and good High heat dissipation system 7. With User LED indicator 8. Trunk all ports have current protection circuit Please note that in order to achieve the best performance at the output of the multiswitch, the power regulators at the inputs must be adjusted by the signal-to-noise ratio meter using a special meter. It is not recommended to "twist" the input levels to the maximum without a meter, because in this case, the noise will be amplified. From practice - by about 70-90%.

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